Stilosophy Industry

Stilosophy Industry is a clothing company based in Italy, in the industrial area of Bologna. It was established in 2012 by Riccardo Forcione, owner and driving force of the brand.

T-shirts and sweatshirts are the brand's first creative step, which, within a year of activity, shifts its interest to a new core business linked to the marketing of unstructured jackets made of different materials: from firm fabric, to sweatshirt material, up to jersey with fast fashion type deliveries. The fast fashion formula implies multiple seasonal appearances and a very fast delivery: this increases the demand for items that describe all the variety of the brand’s fashion lines, creating a total look.

Stilosophy Industry - Company Profile
Starting from the summer of 2015, the company recorded a strong increase in sales on the Italian market, reaching up to around 450/500 points of sale. The company, thus, decided to open up to the foreign market with some collaborations.

The fresh look and quality of the Stilosophy lndustry products have made the company achieve the goal of the opening of its first direct sales point. The store was opened in September 2016 in Via Luigi Carlo Farini 3-A/B in Bologna.
Stilosophy Industry - About
The strength of the brand lies in its being adaptable to different genres and target clients: Stilosophy lndustry, in fact, does not focus on a limited audience, but tries to offer a range of garments that can be considered versatile and suitable for any occasion.

Attention to detail and attention to the choice of materials make the Stilosophy lndustry product unique in its kind: the quality-price ratio, thus, becomes an important fact in the creation of the finished garment.

Joining the Stilosophy Industry world means being involved in a process of continuous innovation, dynamism and growth.


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